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David Hockney and East Yorkshire

David Hockney and East Yorkshire

Take on the whole itinerary or just a few of the sites around East Yorkshire to discover some of the locations that feature in his vivid paintings.

The full journey includes a favourite location, Woldgate, an old Roman route only a few minutes drive from his Bridlington home where he lived at the time. Among other trail highlights are the countryside around the village of Warter - the site of ‘Bigger Trees’, Hockney’s largest work made up of 50 canvases showing a group of skeletal trees high up on the Yorkshire Wolds; and Thixendale, where he created ‘The Three Trees at Thixendale’, a series of paintings at different time of the year to reflect the changing seasons. These paintings - the so-called Yorkshire landscapes - reveal thorough observations of the changing four seasons, and how light, space and nature are constantly in flux, offering a vivid insight into Hockney’s love of nature.

Each site is plotted as close as possible, and incorporating as many as possible but a journey a long these roads, in the Yorkshire Wolds countryside will give good idea of what Hockney saw and enjoyed.

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  1. Cardigan Road - Hockney location


    Head North along Cardigan road, where you'll see the street that sparked the inspiration for some from the Midsummer collection - a series of 36 watercolours completed while Hockney stayed in Bridlington in 2004. Cardigan road is a residential street with each…

  2. Bessingby Road - Hockney Location

    What3Words: blues.runner.output

    Pulling in to a bay along Bessingby Road, heading away from Bridlington, will give you the best view of the line of trees across the road. You may recognise this scene from some of Hockney's work where he viewed the trees over different seasons and from different…

  3. Gallery 49

    Bridlington Old Town

    We are located in the heart of the Old Town, Bridlington - one of the best preserved Georgian streets in the North of England. You will find us halfway down the street, which is full of interesting buildings and shops.

  4. Eastfield Garden Centre


    Eastfield Garden Centre has over 6,000 square metres of indoor and outdoor retail areas, together with an excellent Fine Food Hall, Cafe and Coffee Bar. Visitors to the centre are able to buy everything form plants to fine foods and gifts.

  5. Woldgate Road - Hockney Location

    Woldgate road, left off Bessingby Hill, lends itself to miles of open countryside and beautiful views. The road takes you away from Bridlington town centre and in to the surrounding countryside and Yorkshire Wolds. Views to the right of this road, inspired Hockney's Woldgate Vista. A little further…

  6. Woldgate - Hockney Location

    What3Words: hurricane.tonight.inefficient

    Further along the Woldgate road are the scenes that inspired both The Arrival of Spring series, where the trees start to form a tunnel, and you can spot the horse road sign, an old bridge and Woldgate Trekking Centre on the left. The 2011 collection…

  7. Woldgate Woods - Hockney Location

    What3Words: craft.steady.laptop

    Continuing along Woldgate, through Woldgate Woods and on to Sands Woods, the wooded lane is familiar in Hockney's work. This woodland stretch of road is again iconic for the The Arrival of Spring collection, as well as Hockney's work with cameras to capture the…

  8. Totem - Hockney Location

    What3Words: aquatic.fully.vacancies

    Sand's Wood is also the location of the Totem, which is unfortunately no longer in situ, it featured in the 2011 series The Arrival of Spring and later in 2012 Hockney created several pieces from Charocoal named Vandalised Totem. Although you can't see the…

  9. Church Lane - Hockney Location

    What3Words: repeated.linguists.sing

    Once through Sands Wood, turn right at the crossroads towards Boynton. Coming in to the clearing on the road to Boynton offers a beautiful view over the Wolds countryside making it easy to see why Hockney was so inspired by the area. This area is recognisable in…

  10. May Blossom on the Roman Road - Hockney Location

    What3Words: squares.obtain.tribes

    Once back at the crossroads, turn right towards Kilham, May Blossom on the Roman Road was painted a long this stretch of road. Hockney took features from this road - but also some from the Californian terrain - hence some of the trees and bushes are not looking…

  11. Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens


    Magnificent Elizabethan house filled with treasures collected over four centuries. Award winning gardens offering something for everyone. Courtyard Cafe serving foods from local producers.

  12. Kilham village - Hockney Location

    What3Words: arise.worthy.else

    This road brings you in to Kilham village. Just past the pond on your right is the view of the Church as seen in Approaching Kilham Church from the Midsummer collection.

  13. Puddle Near Kilham - Hockney Location

    What3Words: wiggling.section.deleting

    Once you've followed the road through Kilham village, turning left at the village playing fields. Continue along this road passing two houses on your right, the location of Puddle near Kilham is close by next to a line of Trees.

  14. The Tunnel - Hockney Location

    What3Words: explorer.internal.dislodge

    Taking a right at the junction, known as God Cake, and the location of The Tunnel is immediately on your right. Two rows of trees over hanging Swaythorpe road track, echoing the image of a tunnel. This site was painted during different seasons, giving a sense…

  15. The Road Across the Wolds - Hockney Location

    What3Words: safe.gazes.glow

    After the Cowlem crossroads watch out on your right to see Collingwood Farm, featured on the painting of The Road Across the Wolds. Hockney did not paint this picture from a definitive view, but rather used a number of different images and views from roads across the…

  16. The Road Through Sledmere - Hockney Location

    What3Words: gifted.cowering.amuses

    At the junction turn left and pull in to the layby, here look back towards Sledmere village, where you'll recognise the view to be similar to that of The Road to York through Sledmere. Hockney would not have been able to see the full view as depicted in the…

  17. Sledmere House


    One of Yorkshire's most beautiful houses, with some of England's finest plasterwork, award-winning garden, military museum, children's quiz, picnic & play area, terrace cafe and gift shop.

  18. Kirby Grange Farm - Hockney Location

    Kirby Grange Farm - Hockney Location

    What3Words: split.resides.lawns

    Approximately 2 miles after the turn on the B1253 the Farm at Kirby Grange is on the right, which is the view of The Red House from the Midsummer collection.

  19. Three Trees near Thixendale - Hockney Location

    What3Words: gaps.selection.bushes

    The view is immediately in front on the road towards Thixendale. The Three Trees near Thixendale were painted to represent a number of different seasons.

    Close to this location is the ruins of medieval village, Wharram Percy, as well as the stunning Burdale Cove,…

  20. Seaways Cafe


    Seaways Cafe is located in the highest village on the Yorkshire Wolds with spectacular views over the east coast. Everyone is welcome: bikers, cyclists, holidaymakers, lorry drivers, walkers and many more.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Cardigan Road - Hockney location (54.07483,-0.20334)Bessingby Road - Hockney Location (54.0841,-0.21042)1.02
Bessingby Road - Hockney Location (54.0841,-0.21042)Gallery 49 (54.09374,-0.21)0.97
Gallery 49 (54.09374,-0.21)Eastfield Garden Centre (54.08888,-0.25094)2.45
Eastfield Garden Centre (54.08888,-0.25094)Woldgate Road - Hockney Location (54.08871,-0.22998)1.23
Woldgate Road - Hockney Location (54.08871,-0.22998)Woldgate - Hockney Location (54.08895,-0.25057)1.21
Woldgate - Hockney Location (54.08895,-0.25057)Woldgate Woods - Hockney Location (54.08576,-0.26478)0.89
Woldgate Woods - Hockney Location (54.08576,-0.26478)Totem - Hockney Location (54.08495,-0.27222)0.44
Totem - Hockney Location (54.08495,-0.27222)Church Lane - Hockney Location (54.08779,-0.27766)0.43
Church Lane - Hockney Location (54.08779,-0.27766)May Blossom on the Roman Road - Hockney Location (54.0828,-0.28084)0.53
May Blossom on the Roman Road - Hockney Location (54.0828,-0.28084)Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens (54.05359,-0.31659)3.6
Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens (54.05359,-0.31659)Kilham village - Hockney Location (54.06493,-0.37084)3.39
Kilham village - Hockney Location (54.06493,-0.37084)Puddle Near Kilham - Hockney Location (54.06684,-0.3956)1.47
Puddle Near Kilham - Hockney Location (54.06684,-0.3956)The Tunnel - Hockney Location (54.06817,-0.39978)0.28
The Tunnel - Hockney Location (54.06817,-0.39978)The Road Across the Wolds - Hockney Location (54.08236,-0.53949)8.34
The Road Across the Wolds - Hockney Location (54.08236,-0.53949)The Road Through Sledmere - Hockney Location (54.06984,-0.57012)2.19
The Road Through Sledmere - Hockney Location (54.06984,-0.57012)Sledmere House (54.06945,-0.57911)0.53
Sledmere House (54.06945,-0.57911)Kirby Grange Farm - Hockney Location (54.06826,-0.62403)2.64
Kirby Grange Farm - Hockney Location (54.06826,-0.62403)Three Trees near Thixendale - Hockney Location (54.04942,-0.67588)3.59
Three Trees near Thixendale - Hockney Location (54.04942,-0.67588)Seaways Cafe (54.02044,-0.66107)3.03
Seaways Cafe (54.02044,-0.66107)Garrowby Hill - Hockney Location (53.99965,-0.77767)7.17
Garrowby Hill - Hockney Location (53.99965,-0.77767)Ramblers Rest (53.95473,-0.73663)5.11
Ramblers Rest (53.95473,-0.73663)The KP (53.93955,-0.74623)1.62
The KP (53.93955,-0.74623)Bigger Trees near Water - Hockney Location (53.93953,-0.63851)6.35
Bigger Trees near Water - Hockney Location (53.93953,-0.63851)Rachel’s Walnut Cottage (53.98414,-0.65933)4.64
Rachel’s Walnut Cottage (53.98414,-0.65933)A view of Huggate Church - Hockney Location (53.98693,-0.67045)0.71
A view of Huggate Church - Hockney Location (53.98693,-0.67045)Wolds Village (53.9659,-0.53202)8.43
Total Distance *72.26 miles
Estimated Journey Time2.33 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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