It’s time for the jumpers and boots to make their way out of the depths of the wardrobe, embrace the shortening days, cooler air, and get cosy in East Yorkshire. If Autumn is your season, here’s everything you need to know to make the best of it in East Yorkshire.
With the changing of the season and the falling of the leaves comes the falling of conkers. For some reason these green spiky shells fill me with childish excitement and it certainly gets competitive in our family – who can find the best? The biggest? And of course, the most?  My haul sits proudly on the hearth of my fire, on windowsills and naturally every other corner of the house (natural spider deterrent… apparently). Where do I go? Danes Dyke. Some of the woodland’s paths are lined with conker trees and the floor is littered with them if you time it just right. Not only that, there’s room to breathe when you’re surrounded by the fallen, golden leaves lining the ground and banks of the ravine alongside the towering, grand trees are spectacular. A walk in the late afternoon or evening with an amble to shore lends itself to beautiful Autumn skies as the sun lowers over Bridlington Bay.
Chilly walks and crisp Autumn air are the perfect excuse to indulge in a seasonal Hot Chocolate or two. For something a little adventurous try Ruby Soho in Bridlington, they’re constantly trying out new flavours and are always going extra on the toppings! I’ve recently spotted a White Biscoff Drizzle on their social feeds and it’s definitely on my list to try. Find your perfect hot chocolate cafe spot in East Yorkshire.
A visit to William’s Den in October half term is a no-brainer. With indoor and outdoor play there’s no need to worry about the unpredictable weather, the kids still get a good run around, and the mums get to catch up over a cuppa.  We usually take a picnic to keep the kids going but there’s a lovely café on site too. Then it’s off to their nearby field to enjoy time together picking our own pumpkin. I have to say this becomes a precise balance between the kids wanting to find the biggest and me wanting the most aesthetically pleasing, equally rounded one … naturally we come away with more than one to suit everyone’s tastes. Everyone is usually so exhausted from their great day out of adventure play and pumpkin picking that carving usually waits till next day, where we’ll have a cosy pyjama morning watching films and carving pumpkins and equally enjoying our great day in.
Scarves, gloves, and coats on it’s time to go to the Fair. Hull Fair usually takes place in October and is there for a couple of weeks, Bridlington hosts a smaller fair usually coinciding with half term. Do I dare go on the Waltzers and that big tall one that just seems to drop from the sky? Absolutely not. You won’t even find me on the teacups. If that’s your bag – go for it! For me I love to soak it all up while wandering around, hearing the hissing of the rides machines, the pounding of the cheesy 90’s dance music, the bright twinkly lights against the dark skies, the smell of burgers and brandy snap and the buzz of the crowd. The kids are up past bedtime and we’re out of the house, it's dark and it feels exciting after a summer of long, light evenings.
Remember, remember the 5th of November. Yes, Bonfire night. Make new memories by attending Sledmere House’ Musical Firework Spectacular taking place on 29th October (which means you can enjoy local displays on the 5th and can squeeze in two bonfire celebrations in one week). Now in its 7th year this spectacle of light and sound is thrilling and worth every penny, and while there’s always something magical about fireworks in the night sky, the musical theatrics that Sledmere create are stunning and take the experience to another level. It doesn’t end there, Sledmere throws open the gates from 4pm (the display starts at 7.30pm) so you can also enjoy the rides and attractions on offer. Not to mention bonfire treats served at the Coach House Bistro to really set the scene.
Discover somewhere beautiful this Autumn in East Yorkshire.Tell us what makes this season so special for you.