Self guided tours

Explore the heritage, culture and hidden sides to East Yorkshire's towns. From Bridlington's Maritime, to the Driffield Navigation, Beastly Beverley and everything in between, there's plenty to discover where ever you choose to visit.


Town trails

East Yorkshire has an abundance of charming and historic market towns which are rich in heritage and culture. Choose from a range of do any time walks of varying length and enjoy a stroll around one of our picturesque market towns. Admire the architecture and learn more about the fascinating history and the stories behind the buildings. Learn of the area’s heritage following the Withernsea Fish Trail, Hornsea Pottery Trail, or Bridlington Maritime Trail.

Active Beacons: photopost project

A science project that captures some East Yorkshire’s most stunning locations, the Active Beacons: Photopost Project aims to support coastal monitoring of the landscape while also providing the perfect position to capture the beautiful coastal scenes. Follow the series of artistic wood turned posts along the coastline from Sewerby to Bempton, Hornsea, Withernsea and Spurn Point.


What Was Here app

The What Was Here app is your window into the past as it shows you streets and scenes how they looked in the past through your mobile as you stand there in the present day. The app is also full of interesting facts and trails for the area to uncover East Yorkshire’s past.


Whether you’re looking to find the place Dad’s Army was filmed, find all the art on the Hornsea Pottery trail, or learn of Bridlington Old Town’s history, there’s plenty to uncover in East Yorkshire.