Things to do in East Yorkshire

Fun, beautiful, active, relaxing, unique, exciting, historical, romantic, creative or energetic; whatever words describe the things you like to do on holiday, you’ll be able to do them here in East Yorkshire. 

Family friendly East Yorkshire

Families can spend their days on the beach watching the kids building sandcastles and wearing themselves out running in the sand, before indulging in fresh fish and chips by the sea. Enjoy new adventures together, trying new sports, exploring hidden coves or visiting exciting attractions filled with kid friendly activities.  


East Yorkshire for two

Couples can explore quaint market towns with old, cobbled streets full of independent stores and boutiques, before heading to an award-winning wine bar or restaurant for a meal cooked with local produce, then heading back to a boutique hotel or luxury lodge. Or choose to spend a day enjoying the magnificent history, artefacts and architecture of one of the many museums and stately homes dotted across the region, before enjoying a decadent afternoon tea overlooking the gardens and then a night at the theatre. 


Bring your friends to East Yorkshire

Friends can enjoy active weekends on foot, bike or horseback, exploring the hundreds of miles of trails and paths that wind through our beautiful Yorkshire Wolds countryside or along the rugged coastline. Gather together in an historic inn for home-made food and hand-crafted ales. Or spend the day together relaxing at the beach or exploring market towns, before heading to a gourmet restaurant in the majestic setting of an historic country house.  


Uniquely East Yorkshire

There is always something special to do when you visit here, from possibility to see thousands of migrating birds along the towering chalk cliffs of Bempton, to wonder in awe as you step inside a medieval Minster. While away hours in one of many local art galleries or ride the waves on a jet ski or windsurfer. Watch your favourite sport or spend the day at the races at a course located on the edge of a Westwood rich with local wildlife. 

East Yorkshire is a vibrant and diverse place with amazing art, including the renowned David Hockney whose paintings of the Yorkshire Wolds which have been exhibited all over the world, wonderful wildlife at every turn and views that will quite simply take your breath away.  


So, if you want to visit a place with lots to do for everyone, a place that is as diverse as it is beautiful and a place for all seasons then it’s time to find your new favourite place when you visit East Yorkshire. 

Discover the top places to see in East Yorkshire from the region's quirks to unmissable views, amazing wildlife spectacles and local charm.


There are plenty of attractions to choose from, including the magnificent Beverley…


Spend time perusing brand names, high street chains and wonderfully unique…

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