David Hockney and East Yorkshire

‘East Yorkshire, to the uninitiated, just looks like a lot of little hills. But it does have these marvellous valleys that are caused by glaciers, not rivers. So it’s unusual.’ – David Hockney.


Hockney & the Yorkshire Wolds

The Yorkshire Wolds provide the backdrop for a series of paintings that span 50 years of Hockney's fascination with the area; including scenes from the series The Arrival of Spring and Midsummer. Hockney frequently visited Bridlington to see family, and in the late nineties to early noughties lived in the town and often travelled the Wolds road towards York, and now his artworks of the area have been exhibited over the years in international locations. These paintings - the so-called Yorkshire landscapes - reveal thorough observations of the changing four seasons, and how light, space and nature are constantly in flux, offering a vivid insight into Hockney’s love of nature.

Discover “Hockney Country”

Follow in the footsteps of the iconic British artist, through what is now affectionately thought of as “Hockney Country”, the heart of the stunning Yorkshire Wolds, using the waypoints listed below and discover the views behind some of David Hockney’s most celebrated landscapes. Create a route to view all the locations or a few select sites to discover some of the locations that feature in his vivid paintings including the famous Arrival of spring in Woldgate, The Tunnel at Kilham and the The Bigger Trees near Warter – to name a few!


For those who admire Hockney’s artwork, East Yorkshire is the place to discover the inspiration behind some of his most celebrated landscapes. Find out more about the artist and his collections on The David Hockney Foundation.