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On this page you will find downloadable leaflets and guides to help you while you visit East Yorkshire. From town and film trails to country walks, Michelin star rated to foodie favourites and historic harbours to medieval Minsters, you can find it here.



If you are planning a visit to Bridlington and want to know of accommodation, attractions, events and eating out, the Bridlington mini guide and the Bridlington and East Yorkshire main holiday guide can be downloaded from our website below.  You can also order the main holiday guide to be received in the post here


Beverley and the Yorkshire Wolds

For further information on Beverley , Yorkshire Wolds  or coastal towns and villages within East Yorkshire please check out our downloadable brochures or contact one of the East Yorkshire Tourist Information Centres who will be happy to help.


Food and drink 

For generations, the wonderful and varied landscape of East Yorkshire has produced some of the finest foods in England. This is still true today and is a reflection of the knowledge, skill and passion for providing superb food and drink to be discovered and enjoyed by others. The East Yorkshire Local Food Network produces a guide to local food and drink, showcasing a range of delicious local produce, local markets, farmers' markets and food festivals for the area. 


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