Museums and galleries

Diverse, eclectic, and inspiring are perhaps the best words to sum up the amazing range of galleries and museums in this region.  


Galleries in East Yorkshire

With views off the coast and landscapes of the countryside as stunning as they are in East Yorkshire, the region is a hive for artists and their imaginations. From collections of hand-crafted ceramics created by a local artist inspired by the rugged coastline, through to the amazing paintings of the world-renowned artist David Hockney, who has captured the unique beauty of the Yorkshire Wolds on canvas, this is a region where galleries thrive, and art is born. Watch the wildlife that inspired Robert Fuller’s creations on the wildlife cams streaming at his gallery, or drive through the Yorkshire Wolds to see the views that inspired Hockney. Beverley Art Gallery is home to permanent collection of mainly Victorian, Edwardian and modern art, whilst also celebrating local artists Fred and Mary Elwell. There's also space for visiting exhibitions from digital, multimedia to more traditional collections. Eastgate Studios in Beverley showcase many local artists while also sharing their passion and expertise for print.


Beyond the gallery

In East Yorkshire, art isn’t just for galleries and as you explore the region, you’ll find creations from past and present projects from artist decorated moths and puffins to hand-carved wooden pillars as part of a coastal science project, you’ll find art is really all around you here.


Museums in East Yorkshire

Museums too are rich with stunning exhibits and the artefacts of yesteryear which bring our local history to life and teach us all about the people, places, and passions of those that were here before us. Learn of Bridlington’s interesting history and the town’s incredible fishing heritage at the Bayle Museum – located within the old Bayle Gate to Bridlington – and Bridlington Harbour Heritage Museum. Discover the region’s folk and social history alongside the largest Hornsea Pottery collection at Hornsea Museum or connect with current collections and displays on show at the Treasure House in Beverley.


Our past, our present, our coast and our countryside all have tales to tell, and you can discover them all when you visit East Yorkshire.