Stroll through East Yorkshire’s seaside towns and it won’t be long before you’re met with the tantalising aroma of fish and chips drifting through the air. This quintessentially British dish, loved by locals and visitors alike, is more than just a meal - it's a tradition, a cultural icon, and a must-do when exploring our beautiful coastal region.

In East Yorkshire, we’re blessed with some of the finest fish and chip shops in the country. Whether you’re a crispy batter connoisseur or a lover of the perfect fluffy chip, you'll find your haven here. Join us as we take you on a mouth-watering journey through some of the top places to enjoy fish and chips in East Yorkshire, featuring plenty of award-winning spots.

Whiteheads Fish and Chips, Hornsea

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Whiteheads has been a firm favourite amongst fish and chip fans since it was established back in 1997. Celebrated for its commitment to quality and sustainability, Whiteheads has won numerous awards including Fish and Chip Takeaway of the Year in 2023 and Environment and Sustainability in 2024 at the prestigious National Fish and Chip Awards.

Why visit Whiteheads?

Sustainability: Whiteheads prides itself on sourcing sustainable fish, ensuring that every bite you take supports the health of our oceans.

Quality ingredients: Using only the freshest fish and locally sourced potatoes, each meal is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Relaxing restaurant: Many customers like to take their food away to enjoy by the nearby seafront but there’s also the option to enjoy your meal in their comfy wheelchair-friendly restaurant. Perfect for rainy day dining!

Deliveries to your door: If you live in Hornsea or the surrounding area, the team at Whiteheads are happy to whizz your order round on their electric vehicles. You’ll need to order early on the day you’d like your delivery.

A gluten free menu: Customers following a gluten free diet don’t need to miss out and Whiteheads offer gluten free options, cooked separately to order.

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Lighthouse Fisheries, Flamborough

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A visit to Flamborough isn’t complete without a stop at Lighthouse Fisheries. Known for its picturesque location near the iconic Flamborough Head Lighthouse, this fish and chip shop offers a foodie experience that is as memorable as the scenery. They were crowned Best Newcomer at the 2023 National Fish and Chips Awards and in 2024 they walked away with the title of Fish and Chip Takeaway of the Year.

Why visit Lighthouse Fisheries?

Stunning location: Enjoy your meal with breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and the historic lighthouse.

Sustainability: Their chunky fillets of cod and haddock are sustainably sourced and perfectly cooked in a light, golden batter.

Triple cooked chips: Locally supplied, fresh cut potatoes are sourced for the highest quality. Their chips have never seen a freezer.

A gluten free menu: Looking for gluten-free options? No problem! Just mention to your server that you’re gluten-free and they’ll cook your food separately to order.

Vegan options: Vegan visitors are well catered for too, with vegan ‘fish’ and a plant based saveloy on the menu as well as several sides and condiments.

The famous Flamborough crab cake: A salute to Flamborough’s fishing heritage and made using local fresh crab and house seasonings.

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Seafront Chippy, Hornsea

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Also located in Hornsea, Seafront Chippy was named as one of the UK’s 50 best fish and chip shops in 2024 in Fry Magazine. With its enviable location right by the Blue Flag beach, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy your meal while taking in lovely coastal views.

Why visit Seafront Chippy?

Beachside dining: Enjoy your fish and chips on the seafront, with the soothing sounds of the waves as your backdrop.

Pre-order your food: Save yourself the hassle of waiting in the queue and order your food to collect at a timeslot of your choice.

Don’t forget dessert: If you’re craving something sweet after your fish and chips, you’re in the right place! Seafront Chippy do a lovely whippy style ice cream with a flake. You are at the seaside after all so an ice cream is compulsory!

Papa's Fish and Chips, Willerby

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Papa’s boasts one of the largest fish and chip restaurants in the world and is a beloved institution in East Yorkshire. With its generous portions and consistently high quality, it’s a favourite among locals and tourists. They’ve picked up numerous awards and have been featured on the BBC.

Why visit Papa’s Fish and Chips?

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients: Papa’s prides itself on using fresh fish and locally sourced potatoes, ensuring the best taste and quality.

Family-friendly atmosphere: With a welcoming environment and attentive staff, it’s an ideal spot for family outings.

Papa’s specials: Papa’s offer several specials which are perfect for families looking to share a fish and chip feast! They include a value meal, a variety meal and a big family meal which include a variety of fish shop favourites such as fish, chips, sausages, fish cakes, patties, and chicken nuggets.

Takeaway and dining options: Whether you prefer dining in or taking your meal to enjoy elsewhere, Papa’s offers both options.

Special events and offers: Look out for their regular promotions and special events to make your eating out budget go a little bit further.

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Naked Fish, Bridlington

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Naked Fish are all about keeping things simple and letting their amazing produce do the talking. They serve up a wide range of seasonal seafood as well as traditional fish and chips, which is fried in beef dripping for the perfect crispy batter.

Why visit Naked Fish?

Fresh, seasonal fish: Naked Fish prides itself on serving fresh, seasonal fish and seafood, offering a variety of unique and delicious options.

Locally sourced ingredients: Whenever possible, ingredients are sourced locally, including crabs, lobsters, and scallops from Bridlington.

Variety of combos: Enjoy a selection of combos such as the Naked Fish Combo, featuring breaded and battered white fish and shellfish, or surf and turf options like scampi and steak.

Great value: With two portions of fish and chips for £14, it’s an affordable option.

Dine in or takeaway: Choose whether you want to enjoy your fish and chips with vinegary fingers perched on the harbour walls or sat in the comfortable restaurant.

With so many great chippies in our region, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to experiencing the best of what East Yorkshire has to offer. So, grab your fork (or fingers), dive into a plate of crispy, golden fish and chips, and celebrate this iconic dish in style. Oh, and don’t forget to combine your fish and chip dinner with a day of exploring East Yorkshire’s beautiful coastal towns, scenic walking trails, stunning wildlife and historic sites.

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