Bridlington Old Town Trail

A couple strolling in the sunshine in front of the Bayle Museum in Bridlington's Old Town in East Yorkshire
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Bridlington Old Town

We welcome everyone to Bridlington’s historic Old Town... and if in the course of your life you ever need to fit long roof beams through narrow doorways please think of our clever Jackdaw.

This trail will take you around the historical Old Town of Bridlington which was originally the main part of the town. Quay Road took you to the smaller part of the town - at the quay, where the present day Harbour is still a thriving port. Follow the trail as you stroll through the Old Town’s heritage and history, visiting the Priory Church and Bayle Museum. These are places of outstanding interest that you will want to visit to find out more about Bridlington Old Town, its links with the Monarchy of England and how it has developed over the years. With its High Street, Market Place and greens, the old town was a major trading area for many of the surrounding villages which were dependent on the goods and products sold here. Cottage industries grew and developed around the Old Town. People had moved into the town with nowhere to live so wealthy owners of the area built tenements at the back of their properties and gave them work. Today there are still many interesting buildings to look at and admire (look out for the blue plaques). Some of the older houses may date back from the 1600s but many were re-developed and altered in the 18th and 19th century. Along the trail you will find restaurants, cafes, public houses and a variety of shops, and down Westgate there is a park which includes a bowling green.